*pushes back selfie release date*



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Josephine Baker and her pet cheetah, 1931.
procrastination brought me here…

so Mos Def & Talib Kweli are in london end of march… been looking around to see if any of my friends would like to go. not even sure why ii did this, ii don’t know anyone with the same taste as me! anyway it turns out they are sold out… broke my heart! then minutes ago ii just found out they have a new date! on a school night (we care about that). so now I’m left wondering if ii should go to this concert alone or just spent forever regretting . I’ve never been anywhere alone but theres a first time for everything right? hopefully ii’ll meet people once I’m there. id also hate to get lost in london as its going to be my first time there. exciting times. 

lemme get back to my assignment. if anyone would like to go with me feel free to message me lol


I’m trying okay.. stop judging me